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Nomine Sound Christmas Podcast - guest mixes from: Digital, Macabre Unit, TOMISLAV and X=X

Nomine Sound Christmas Podcast featuring guest mixes from Macabre Unit Nurve - Macabre Unit, Digital , TOMISLAV and X=X. We played Dubstep, Grime, J-tek (Jungle Techno/Future Jungle) Jungle, Drum and Bass, House Techno, Electro, Trip Hop, Electro and everythig inbetween with BASS. Here is a video stream ( x 2 videos) of the podcast:

What I Know ft. DV3 and X-Hale (prod. by Infiinyte Beats)

"I don't have to prove to ANYBODY what I already know, and thats not aimed at ANYBODY, you should already know..."

CM1X x Virtual Life - What We Are (Original Mix)

*Virtual Life: *CM1X: Download for free on The Artist Union

What Is Congratulations (post malone x x haddaway)

posted it on youtube butt they're jews and striked it so fuck them yes i know its offkey fuck you natural-sounding vocal pitching is a nightmare


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