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What Is Smell Dating, And Does It Work?

Can you find your match, based on smell alone? In this episode, host Noah Michelson tries the new Smell Dating service to find out if it can help him find love. Producer, Katelyn Bogucki joins him on his journey, and together they explore the power of smell and its effect on love. The episode features conversations with the Smell Dating founders, Tega Brain and Sam Levine; smell dating participant, Adam Simon and Dr. Charles W

What is the Church? (Matthew 16:13-25 and 1 Peter 2:9-12)

This is the first and introductory message to our series "The Glory of God on Display" a ten week study on the foundation, life, and mission of the Church.

Who What Where Why When And How

The Huggabug Club is an award-winning musical, educational television series, seen on public television. Each of the 47 half hour episodes has its own theme. The series is designed by educators to enrich, enlighten and empower children. "Who What Where Why When and How" is on the newly recorded music CD, "School Days" at the Huggabug Club.

What A Motion Designer And 3D Artist Does With Laundry’s Uber-Talented PJ Richardson.

Animation Designer & 3D Artist PJ Richardson co-launched Laundry, a creative studio to help brands, agencies and networks bring their ideas to life. You’ll see they deliver a high end aesthetic and polished that is most impressive to the eye. Of course, we chat about how Laundry works and how PJ loves to collaborate. He also shares his journey from…

What is Next for the U.S. and Japanese Economies?

Agenda 9:00-9:05    Welcoming Remarks John Hamre, CSIS 9:05-9:15    Opening Remarks Noboru Hatakeyama, Chairman and CEO, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF) 9:15-10:15    Outlook for the Japanese Economy (Read more at

What a potentially short and weak La Niña means for SoCal’s ongoing drought

Dried mud and the remnants of a marina is seen at the New Melones Lake reservoir which is now at less than 20 percent capacity as a severe drought continues to affect California on May 24, 2015. ; Credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images Natalie Chudnovsky | AirTalkAccording to the NOAA Climate Prediction Center report released Thursday, ocean and atmospheric conditions are pointing towards a weak and brief La Niña in the c

What does 'buy American and hire American' actually mean?

What does 'buy American and hire American' actually mean? In his inaugural speech Donald Trump heralded what sounded like a new era of American economic protectionism. Read More:

What Child Is This? - Piano and Guitar

Steel and Ivory, the Piano and Guitar duo, has released their first single! Like and Share this video ( and then download the song (! Enjoy!


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