Ep. 38: How To Double A Trading Account, Part 1


Doubling a trading account requires: 1. A deeply personal motivation; 2. Asking yourself a BIG and SPECIFIC question. A deeply personal trading motivation isn't "I want to buy a new car," or "I want to buy a new organ for my church." Those are gifts you want for yourself or for others. The deepest and most powerful motivations are personal, and are for you. Not for anyone else. There are three kinds of powerful and personal motivations for traders: i. Anger. This one's the worst. But many successful traders who make a great deal of money are jerks. They are angry people. This motivation comes with great cost. ii. Proving Something. When you are proving to yourself that you are worth it, that you are capable, or you are better than what people thought you were - this is super powerful. iii. Back Against the Wall. When you are fighting for your life - you can make some of the best trades of your life. For more information: http://robbooker.com


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